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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque countryside of Ohio, Carlisle Porties is a cherished, family-owned and operated, that exudes a deep love for Portuguese Water Dogs. With generations of expertise and a commitment to excellence, they have become renowned for their dedication to breeding, nurturing, and matching these remarkable dogs with loving families. Carlisle Porties’ devotion to the breed shines through in every aspect of their personalized service, making them a true haven for those seeking the companionship of a well-bred and happy Portuguese Water Dog.


Where Love Flows, Tails Wag: Carlisle Porties - Your Portuguese Water Dog Haven!

Dogs are awesome, they can turn a boring day into a joyful one! For 30 years we have had dogs at home, they are great companions and fun to be around. We breed Portuguese Water Dogs. The Portuguese Water Dog is a smart, family-friendly, durable breed that is easy to be taught. We strive to breed beautiful, quality, healthy Portuguese Water Dogs. 

It is very joyful to raise these puppies and watch them grow, it takes lots of work and dedication. Socializing with each puppy early on is very important, to get them used to a multitude of things that they might face in their life. All our dogs have been genetically tested. They have lots of room to run around as they please, and they get a lot of exercise daily, promoting healthy and happy dogs!

We are looking for homes where these puppies will be a big and meaningful part of your life. Our goal is to bring you a great puppy that you enjoy for a long time. Our puppies come with a one-year-old genetic health guarantee. 

American Kennel Club registration is available with an initial 30 days of pet health insurance at no additional cost when you buy one of our puppies and register them online with the AKC papers that are provided for each puppy. 3 generations of ancestry are also available

Our Available Puppies

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Our Adoption Process



Pick Out A Puppy

Choose a puppy that would be a good fit for you and your family. 



Reserve Your Puppy

Contact us with any questions you may have and then place your deposit on your future companion.



Take Your Puppy Home

Arrange a pickup date and ask about our delivery options. The day you pick up is when a new meaning of happiness begins.

Our Pick Up & Delivery Options

We work with a very reliable ground delivery service that delivers hundreds of puppies to homes all over the Lower 48. This will cost, $200 in Ohio, $300 east of the Mississippi, and $400 west of the Mississippi. The ground delivery service is usually completed within 1-3 days. With this ground delivery service, there is someone with your puppy at all times. The delivery service will provide your puppy, with water, and food and keep your new puppy clean on its journey. Please be assured your new puppy will have excellent care on its way to your home. We take care of scheduling pickup. A day or a couple of days prior to departure, you the buyer will be contacted by the delivery service with an ETA. They will be in contact with you as they get closer to your home. 

If you would like to pick up your puppy at our home you are more than welcome to do that and visit our home. If you would like to pick your puppy up we are available Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM which we would need you to schedule an appointment to visit the puppies or to pick up a puppy. 

FAQ'S About Our Puppies

When they are small puppies, they are always playful, toying and playing with each other. It is hard to know exactly how they will be when they grow up, one indication is there parents, this is described in the puppies description. 

Less than a cup a day as small puppies, then more as they grow older to approximately 1 pint – 1 quart a day when they are adults. This however varies one day to the next and one dog to the next. Puppies are fed three times a day, we try to stick with this so they are accustomed to this routine when they go home. It helps with potty training if they are not always eating all day long whenever they want. 

Not 100%, but we have started potty training and they do better everyday. You can request a free 25 page book on potty training from us, if you buy a puppy from us. 

We feed them Purina Pro Plan. A tip to look for in dog food is that the first ingredient is one word; For example – Chicken, not- Chicken Meal. 

Yes, they usually have a bone or toys to chew on. They love new toys. When two or more puppies are playing, frisbee is a favorite. 

There coat is hypoallergenic and requires regular grooming. It is up to you on how often you groom them. In most cases people groom them every 4-8 weeks. 

As a new owner you will receive the following with the adoption of a puppy.

  • A small labeled bag of purina puppy food that puppy has been eating.
  • A paper contract copy of the one-year health guarantee
  • Paper documented of puppies first veterinary visit
  • Canine record of all vaccines and dewormers performed
  • AKC registration papers
  • Sibling scented blanket
  • Collar and leash 

All of our puppies are up to date on vaccines as well as up to date on dewormers per local vet standards and you receive these records when a puppy is delivered or picked up. 

Unleash Joyful Journeys with Carlisle Porties - Where Paws Find Their Purpose!

Carlisle Porties is a heartwarming family-owned and operated, dedicated to the finest care and breeding of Portuguese Water Dogs, ensuring every pup finds a loving home.

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