A Little About Carlisle Porties

For 30+ years we always had dogs at home whether it was for breeding or just as a pet, my dad always wanted dogs around. After we married, I got my own dog, a boy Portuguese Water Dog named Murphy and that’s when it all started.  Our son loves to play with the dogs!

Our family is located on six acres in Holmes County Ohio. My occupation is changing doors and windows.  Our hobbies include our dogs, golf, and wakeboarding. Our summers are filled with yard work, camping, etc. We love our dogs, and we love the outdoors.

Breeding Practices

All our Dogs are DNA tested and are 100% Portuguese water Dog.
Dogs are genetically health tested for 250 plus, different genetic diseases.
American Kennel club.
Puppies are born on a clean, soft carpet and stay on fresh clean carpet until they are weaned from Mother. While going through the weaning process, puppies are introduced to soft puppy food and will be on regular kibble by the time they go home to their new home. At this point they also start wearing collars, walking with collar and leash, going potty on grass, sleeping in a crate during the night, going up and down steps, puppies will be used to different surface levels. We socialize daily with our puppies. Our puppies are very playful, energetic and love treats.
Our Dogs can sleep on either vinyl flooring or carpet. They are all potty trained. For most of their time, they have a 200 by 100 fenced in yard they can go into during the daytime. They all get a lot of exercise daily when they’re not lounging around, and they love it.

Anonymous quote: “Why get a half-breed, when you can get a full-breed Portuguese Water Dog”.   There are many health benefits to having a full breed dog.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to breed beautiful, quality, healthy Portuguese Water Dogs. We are looking for homes where these puppies will be a big and meaningful part of your life. Our goal is to bring you a great puppy that you will enjoy for a long time. It is very joyful to raise these puppies and watch them grow, it takes a lot of work and dedication. 

Socializing with each puppy early on is very important, to get them used to a multitude of things that they might face in their life. 

Our Certifications & Members We Are A Part Of

Where Waves of Love Meet Water Dogs: Carlisle Porties, Your Perfect Pawtner

Carlisle Porties is a cherished, family-owned and operated that specializes in the breed Portuguese Water Dogs, offering exceptional care and a passion for connecting these remarkable dogs with loving homes.

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